$10 Million Jump Start for Sacramento City Unified Common Core

Sacramento, CA — Sacramento City Unified school districts will receive a total of nearly $10 million of entitlements from the state in an effort to jump start the California Common Core State Standards.

Common Core is a national initiative to establish consistent education standards.

In order to assist districts with the implementation of the California Common Core State Standards, the state has allocated funds to each school district. As a condition of receiving the funds, a spending plan must be presented at a public Board of Trustees Meeting and approved a subsequent public meeting.

Once approved, the allocated funds must be spent by July 1, 2015.

Sacramento City Unified

  • Sacramento City Unified    $8,565,631
  • Sacramento City Unified St. HOPE Public School 7   $114,549
  • Sacramento City Unified Sol Aureus College Preparatory   $44,815
  • Sacramento City Unified New Technology High   $61,093
  • Sacramento City Unified George Washington Carver School of Arts and Scienc   $55,466
  • Sacramento City Unified The MET   $62,901
  • Sacramento City Unified Sacramento Charter High   $175,038
  • Sacramento City Unified Aspire Capitol Heights Academy   $57,073
  • Sacramento City Unified The Language Academy of Sacramento   $88,825
  • Sacramento City Unified California Montessori Project – Capitol Campus   $60,289
  • Sacramento City Unified Yav Pem Suab Academy – Preparing for the Future Ch   $84,404
  • Sacramento City Unified Capitol Collegiate Academy   $22,910
  • Sacramento City Unified Oak Park Preparatory Academy   $12,862
  • Sacramento City Unified Bowling Green Elementary   $163,182

See All School Districts in California (Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet)

The funds must be used specifically for professional development, instructional materials, and technology (including equipment and infrastructure).

To learn more about California’s Common Core Standard, visit the California Department of Education website.