1,000 New Homes Construction Project to Bring Jobs

The Board of Supervisors approved an agreement with Lennar Homes and the Winn Company that will enable the developers to phase in infrastructure requirements so they can begin construction of almost 1,000 new homes.

“As part of the plan for the area, approved years ago by the Board, this is an important project that will create more than 1,100 construction jobs and 500 permanent jobs,” said Bradley J. Hudson, County Executive.

This project, approved March 25,  is part of the North Vineyard Station Specific Plan, originally approved by the Supervisors in 1998 and revised in 2005. The Specific Plan area is nearly 1,600 acres in size and located in the south-central portion of Sacramento County,  just five miles north of Elk Grove.  The Lennar project will help complete nearly a third of the planned 6,000 homes for the area.

The project is conditioned to have completed a certain percent of infrastructure before a certain number of building permits can be issued, and completion of 100 percent of the infrastructure must be done before the project is finaled.  “We are holding the developer to the required conditions in the plan, including providing road and drainage facilities.  The agreement allows them to phase in the construction of the roads that will help kick start the project, and facilitate economic recovery for the region,” said Lori Moss, Director of Community Development.

Included in the project’s required conditions are $27 million in road improvements that will be completed by the developer. Construction of infrastructure is scheduled to begin this spring with housing construction beginning by the end of 2014. 

For more information about this project, visit the North Vineyard Station Specific Plan (NVSSP) web page and view item 24 on the Board of Supervisor’s March 25 meeting.