12 Toys of Christmas for 2012 Holiday Season

G. Willikers Toy Emporium will kick off the holiday season this year with its sixth annual unveiling of the “12 Toys of Christmas”. These top 12 toys compiled by G. Willikers are recommended as the most educational and unique toys on the market this holiday season.

Children visiting the store with their families will be encouraged to try out the toys on the 12 Toys of Christmas list. Free parking validation.

G. Willikers Toy Emporium will again partner with the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree again this season. The tree will don special tags that outline the gift wishes from local children in need. Patrons can take a tag, purchase the items and leave them for the Salvation Army to collect from the store through December 23, 2012.

G. Willikers Toy Emporium’s – 12 Toys of Christmas for 2012

   1. Nanoblocks- These Japanese building toys are the smallest block toy in the world. Their size makes it possible to create more detailed projects than ever before. Nanoblocks are a stimulating and entertaining hobby for everyone, especially grown-ups! http://www.mynanoblock.com/site/ $12.99

   2. Airzooka- Destined to become a classic, Airzooka is a hand-held device that blows a harmless “ball of air” towards any object or person.  Laugh with amusement as, seemingly from nowhere, you are able to mess up someone’s hair, ruffle their shirt or just plain blow them away! $24.99

   3. Kendama – Three cups, one spike and one ball- that’s Kendama, a traditional Japanese toy. Mastering the Kendama takes practice, focus, patience, and creativity and it is great for the young and old alike.  Perfect to play while waiting at train stations, bus stops and walking around the city. http://kendamausa.com/  $12

   4. KEVA Planks- These high precision, wooden construction blocks stack with surprising stability. Narrow towers can reach to the ceiling and bridges can stretch across the room!  Simply start stacking. No glue or connectors are necessary. We make artists into scientists and scientists into artists. http://www.kevaplanks.com/ $24.99

   5. Extreme Dot to Dot Books- Exercise your left and right brain at the same time with these complex dot to dot puzzles. Intricate and wildly rewarding to finish, puzzles range from 300 to over 1,400 dots. Some even cover a two-page spread! $9.99

   6. Big Bang Rocket- Remember caps? They used to be the only way to create a big bang. Well this is better, safer and it recycles old newspaper. Just tear or cut a small piece of newspaper and insert it into the Big Bang Rocket. Grab the tail, toss it in the air and wait for it… BANG. $18.99

   7. Uglybuddy, the newest member of the wildly popular UglyDoll family, consists of one 9-inch and one 4-inch plush doll. The larger doll has a pocket for the other to ride in. Once safe and sound in the pocket, the larger doll wraps a protective arm around his little buddy.  Children fall in love with their silly, cute faces. http://www.uglydolls.com $21.99

   8. Tenzi – This exciting new dice game is sweeping the nation! Everyone gets 10 dice and someone yells “go”, then everyone rolls as fast as they can until someone gets all their dice on the same number. Sure, there are a few more rules, but you get the idea! Great, fast, fun frenzy! Tenzi! http://www.ilovetenzi.com/ $17.99

   9. Guillows Flying Machine- Paul K. Guillow, Inc. has been making balsa wood airplane kits and flying toys since 1926. These retro wooden balsa planes fly up to 15 seconds into the air and can soar over 300 feet! This airplane has a 17″ wingspan and can be launched from your hand or from the ground. Great outdoor fun for everyone! Made with care and pride in the USA. http://www.guillow.com/flyingmachine.aspx  $8.99

  10. Electronic Hot Potato- It’s the wild musical tater-tossing game! Squeeze the Hot Potato and the frantic family fun begins! But don’t get caught holding the spud when the music stops! Fast paced spud tossin’ fun for everyone. $17.99

  11. LittleBits consists of tiny circuit boards, which snap together with magnets. Each bit has a simple, unique function including light, sound, sensors, buttons, thresholds, pulse and motors.  Just as LEGOs(tm) allow you to create complex structures with very little engineering knowledge, LittleBits make sophisticated electronics simple and intuitive.  Fun for hours, fun for everyone, and made in the USA! http://littlebits.cc/  $89.99

  12. Bobblebots – From the creators of HEXBUG(r) Micro Robotic Creatures comes Bobble Bots, a set of 24 different Moshi monsters for kids to collect.  The Bobble Bots are programmed to tour around Monstro City’s Moshi house, Ice Scream Shop, the Grossery Store and more. Kids can build their own Moshi play town and connect the houses and stores on the streets of Monstro City. The Bobble Bots are programmed to know how to navigate the play city. It’s a great collectible! $4.99

That’s what’s popular in 2012, but G. Willikers also stocks toys that have been popular for decades.  Here are some toy traditions to pass on from one generation to the next:

   1. Elf on the Shelf- These elves help Santa know who to put on the naughty and nice list.  No good deed goes unnoticed; these scouts take their job seriously.  Each night the elves fly back to the North Pole to report to Santa, but don’t expect to find him returned to the same spot each morning. It’s a hide-and-seek adventure a tradition to look forward to. http://www.elfontheshelf.com $15.99

   2. Energy Stick- Do you think you are electric? Use this energy stick to find out. This hands-on science tool teaches children about open and closed circuits as well as conductors and insulators. Great for parties and classrooms.  http://www.stevespanglerscience.com  $9.99

   3. Furby- It’s time to dust off your Furbish dictionary because Furby is back! You can tickle, feed, pet, shake, hug, tilt, hold your Furby upside down and pull its tail – and these actions will help shape Furby’s personality. But remember, they’ll always have a mind of their own. www.furby.com $59.99

   4. Raggedy Ann- Raggedy Ann and Andy were created 95 years ago by cartoonist and illustrator John Gruelle for his daughter. Since that time the public has had a continuing love affair and fascination with these red headed sweethearts. $24.99