California Senate Resolution Honors Engineers

State Senate Recognizes Work of California’s Engineering Sector

SACRAMENTO, CA -February 14, 2014 – The California State Senate today recognized the contributions made by engineers to the state’s infrastructure and economy with Senate Resolution 27, presented by Senator Anthony Cannella (R-Ceres). The resolution commemorates National Engineers Week (February 16-22), an annual celebration held during the week of George Washington’s birthday.

Washington, the first President of the United States was trained as a land surveyor and, according to some sources, spent part of his military career as an engineer.

“As a civil engineer, I am proud of the achievements engineers have made throughout history. Engineers keep California at the cutting edge of leading industries and will continue to lead major advances through the 21st century,” said Senator Cannella. “Engineers demonstrate the values of curiosity, passion and dedication, answering problems in the most resourceful, economical and innovative ways,” he added.

“Engineers partner with State and Federal agencies, regulatory agencies, and private owners and use their technical expertise to solve complex problems,” said Brad Diede, Executive Director, ACEC California. “Whether it is through improving levees, reducing traffic congestion, protecting our aquatic resources, or relocating 100 year old railroad tracks, engineers are always working to build a better California.”

National Engineers Week celebrates how engineers make a difference in our world and increases public dialogue about the need for engineers.

To read the entire resolution, click here