Drexel Announces New Online Doctoral Education Program

SACRAMENTO – Drexel University Sacramento announced today it will offer a Creativity and Innovation concentration this fall as part of its Doctoral program in Educational Leadership and Management.

The unique program concentration, which is offered online, will empower students to become leaders with the capacity to creatively address the complex and changing needs of education, government, and industry.

“Although many people are inherently creative, the ability to take that skill to a higher level can be taught and nurtured,” said Michael W. Marion, Executive Director and Associate Vice Provost of Drexel University Sacramento. “Drexel’s program will provide techniques for generating original ideas and teach students how to be more innovative. It’s a very unique program that offers the necessary tools and techniques that our students can successfully carry into the work place.”

Integral to a leaders’ development is “collaborative creative leadership,” an essential dimension of innovation management. Drexel’s concentration highlights the vital role of creative strengths in fueling new bottom-line innovations.
Throughout the program, students acquire skills to conduct methodical analysis of problematic situations in a variety of settings, and devise and implement the best possible solutions. In order to complete each course, students must create a project that shows comprehension of course content.
Drexel’s Creativity and Innovation concentration will include five courses (3 credits each). Candidates who successfully complete the program will have the capacity to:

Assess and develop their creative strengths.
Effectively identify problematic situations within a variety of settings and fields.
Engage in creative problem solving to produce plausible and creative solutions to solve real-world dilemmas.
Methodically analyze and implement the optimal solution to these situations.
Improve workplace results through innovative practices.
Examine and interpret contemporary research in creativity and innovation in both academic and corporate settings.
Participate in collaborative creativity research.
Develop in-house expertise in their own workplace to foster creative environments and collaborate with fellow creative problem-solvers within their workforce.

All of Drexel’s academic programs are focused at the heart of Greater Sacramento’s growth and economic development initiatives – health, entrepreneurial business, human resources and education.

Drexel – a top-ranked, national comprehensive university – currently offers students six master’s, one doctorate and one post-baccalaureate program designed for working professionals in the fields of entrepreneurial business, human resource development, education and health care.

In September 2013, Drexel launched its first full-time undergraduate program – Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – for students who have finished at least the first two years of their undergraduate education. Drexel’s renowned Co-op program is a central feature in the undergraduate program’s experiential approach to teaching and learning.

For more information about Drexel University Sacramento’s programs in California, visit www.drexel.edu/sacramento or call (916) 325-4600.