Drexel Graduates Launch The Koci Group

SACRAMENTO, CA – They attended graduate school together and became close friends. Now Addie Ellis and David Inniss are sharing one more thing: a business. 

The two graduates of Drexel University Sacramento have formed the The Koci Group ™ LLC – a leadership and management consultancy that helps organizations overcome perceived performance barriers and maximize individual and collective productivity. 

Both Inniss and Ellis completed doctorates in Educational Leadership & Management at Drexel University with concentrations in Human Resource Development and Public Policy respectively.

 “Addie Ellis and David Inniss were outstanding students who demonstrated dynamic leadership qualities while studying for their doctoral degrees at Drexel,” said Dr. Sandy Kirschenmann, Associate Vice Provost and Executive Director of Drexel University Sacramento. “They are the type of innovative, ground-breaking leaders that we want to produce at Drexel so they can become influential people in the Sacramento region. They have positioned themselves as tremendous leaders in both their careers and communities.”

 Dr. Inniss and Dr. Ellis, two Nehemiah Senior Fellows, have amalgamated their individual consulting practices to form The Koci Group. Their mission is to deliver uniquely tailored consultancy services that are research-based, practice-informed, results-oriented, and sustainability-focused.

 Since opening for business in the beginning of February, the company has enjoyed great traction thus far and looks forward to helping firms enhance local, national and global productivity.

 “As we reviewed hundreds of organizations on the local, national and global level, we recognized that many of them are not maximizing their competence and productivity as a result of inefficient application of human capital, technology and leadership,” Inniss said.  “The goal of the Koci Group is to become the predominant, global consultancy that our customers rely on to unleash their full performance potential and maximize returns on their investments in human capital, technology and leadership.”

 Ellis, the Chief Operations Officer, has a 20-year history as a local educator and community advocate. A graduate of Highlands High School in Sacramento, she has been actively engaged in the region for many years and has been a tireless worker for individuals experiencing homelessness in Sacramento

 In the past two decades, Ellis has launched a restaurant, established a charter school, built a nonprofit, and developed her own executive coaching firm. She is no stranger to building businesses that serve the Sacramento region.

 “I’m very excited about this new direction that David and I are embarking on together,” Ellis said. “The Koci Group prides itself on delivering services that enhance our clients’ organizational resiliency by going beyond basic problem-solving to incorporating approaches that influence long term, sustainable change within their organizations.”

 Inniss is a West Point graduate who was born and raised in Barbados. The Chief Executive Officer, he is a skilled innovator with a track record of driving product innovation from “Concept to Customer.”

 He has more than 15 years of experience in the technology sector, where he led high-performance teams in Software Engineering, Software Quality Assurance, Professional Services and Product Management. Inniss utilizes his leadership and management expertise to help firms leverage people to efficiently deliver results.  

For further information, please visit www.kocigroup.com, email info@kocigroup.com, or call 916 238-8817.