Drug Lab Suspected in Explosion on Mills Tower Drive

At approximately 5:30PM on Wednesday, January 22, 2014, Rancho Cordova Police Officers, along with Sacramento Metro Fire, responded to the 10500 block of Mills Tower Drive regarding an explosion and structure fire. Once they arrived, Narcotics Detectives and Arson Investigators were called to the scene for preliminary suspicions of a drug lab explosion.

Per the Narcotics Detectives, a conversion lab set up in the bathroom in one of the apartment’s ignited, causing a violent explosion that resulted in building damage.

The two occupants of the apartment received significant burns and were transported to a local hospital for treatment.  With the assistance of The Red Cross, all 146 occupants of the apartment building were evacuated and are currently being re-housed until the building can be inspected and rendered safe for return.

Narcotics and Arson Detectives will submit their final investigation of this case to the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office for review of drug manufacturing and arson related charges.