Eppie’s Great Race set for July 19, 2014

The 41st annual “Eppie’s Great Race” – known as “The World’s Oldest Triathlon” – is scheduled for Saturday, July 19, 2014.

The first “Eppie’s Great Race” post-Eppie Johnson’s passing in 2013, the 41st Annual Eppie’s Great Race will include both the traditional event, as well as special tributes, events, and fun memorabilia celebrating Eppie Johnson’s life and his community contributions such as, “Eppie’s Great Race” (EGR), and the “Eppie’s Kids Duathlon.”

Organizers are proud to announce that the 2014 EGR will remain on its traditional, American River Parkway race course, due to the latest, positive, American River water flow projections for July 2014. EGR organizers were concerned earlier this year that the drought may require a course change from EGR’s traditional paddling third leg of the race; however, the late spring rains and snow pack seem to have positively off-set earlier low-water fears, and the EGR Committee is subsequently planning the 2014 EGR to again be implemented on the same course hosting Eppie’s Great Race for almost 40 years.

For complete details and registration visit http://www.eppiesgreatrace.org.