Gang Assault near Arden Fair Sentencing

District Attorney Jan Scully recently announced that the Honorable Michael Kenny sentenced George Christian and Samuel Kemokai to 30 years in prison, Tommy Cornelius to 20 years in prison, Xavier Whitfield to 15 years in prison, and Demetrius Royster to 8 years in prison for their roles in a brutal gang assault on Santana Robinson at the Shell gas station across from Arden Fair Mall on October 31, 2008.

Shortly after midnight, while Mr. Robinson was getting gas, he was approached and attacked by George Christian. After the initial attack, Christian was joined in the assault by his fellow defendants. Mr. Robinson was knocked unconscious during the attack. After he was unconscious, Cornelius went through his pockets, stealing several items, and then kicked him in the head. Christian and Kemokai pistol whipped Mr. Robinson in the head while he lay defenseless on the ground. Mr. Robinson sustained several injuries to his face and head, including broken bones and lost teeth.