Inmates Mail to be Restricted

Beginning February 10, 2013, the Sacramento County Main Jail and Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center will limit all incoming mail, with the exception of all legal mail and other specifically approved correspondence, to standard postcards. This change in policy will not affect outgoing mail sent by inmates.

The postcard-only incoming mail policy is intended to increase the safety and security of the facilities, inmates and staff by restricting the ability to introduce contraband into the facilities. In addition, this new policy will increase efficiency by reducing the amount of time staff will be required to spend processing and screening incoming mail, and allowing custody personnel to address other needs within the facilities.

Inmates at both facilities will continue to be able to receive official mail from government agencies and business entities such as corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, charities, trusts, non-profit and other organizations. Inmates will also be able to receive up to ten (10) photographs and money orders/cashier’s checks through the mail. Books, newspapers and magazine subscriptions will not be affected by the policy change.

Additional information regarding inmate mail and correspondence is available at