Medal of Valor for Sacramento County Park Ranger

Sacramento, CA. – The Park Rangers Association of California will honor Sacramento County Park Ranger Christopher Kemp with its highest award, the Medal of Valor, for his heroic actions on August 15, 2011. Ranger Kemp will receive his award February 27 at the California Parks Training and Conference in Seaside, Calif.

Ranger Kemp’s valor is detailed in the announcement letter from the Park Rangers Association.

“Ranger Kemp, who was off duty and in civilian attire, stopped a murder from occurring in the City of Stockton. While fueling his vehicle, Ranger Kemp saw an adult male viciously beating a woman at a nearby business. Other bystanders were trying to intervene but without success. The victim, a local school principal, had been beaten unconscious, and per witnesses, was being ‘tossed like a rag doll.’ Ranger Kemp called 9-1-1 and, without regard for his own safety, ran to assist the victim. Without backup or complete protective equipment, Ranger Kemp confronted the assailant and made multiple attempts to stop the assault. Ranger Kemp was forced to draw his weapon to stop the assailant from continuing to beat the unconscious victim. The suspect fled the scene and Ranger Kemp remained with the victim to protect her and to render aid.”

The Parks Ranger Association stated that “Ranger Kemp was selected for his willingness to place himself in harm’s way without regard for his own safety…” And his “actions exemplify the highest standards of the Park Ranger profession and the law enforcement community.”

Ranger Kemp has been previously recognized for his actions including the Bronze Star from the Sacramento County Regional Parks Department, a resolution from the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, and being crowned “King of Heroes” by the Peyton Elementary First Grade of Stockton, Calif.

Ranger Kemp is an 11 year veteran with Regional Parks.