NBA No Better Than Sterling

I’m not here to defend Donald Sterling. His words very clearly speak volumes and articles discussing it abound. Ignorance, hatred and racism are ugly companions.

However, the NBA in an effort to take a stand and display their might has become an even larger disgrace.

Attempting to strip a person of their property through a corporate version of eminent domain because of a privately held discussion, however offensive and repulsive is shameful at best, and tyranny at worst.

As the Internet, Facebook, video and always recorded culture further envelops society, we move dangerously closer to Orwell’s Crimethink. This time the villain and punisher is a corporate entity, not the government.

Reasonable people speak out against the Donald Sterlings of this world, corporate sponsors can take their advertising dollars elsewhere, fans can stop purchasing tickets.

There are many reasonable ways to affect change.

Giving the NBA overlords the power to force a man to divest of his property is disgraceful.