New California Laws for 2013 (Part 19)

Part 19 in our ongoing series highlighting the new California laws for 2013. This segment includes property taxes, drivers licenses, Public employees’ health benefits and more.

The California Legislature passed over 800 new laws for California residents and business and this series breaks downs those laws into digestible portions to help keep residents better informed. Readers can stop by and quickly scan a segment of new laws to learn what may impact them. Links to the legislature’s full text of each new law will be also be included.

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California’s New Laws for 2013 – Segment 19

  • AB 2142 – Public employees’ health benefits, premiums.
  • AB 2146 – Political Reform Act of 1974, local campaign reform, County of San Bernardino.
  • AB 2149 – Elder and dependent adult abuse, settlement, gag order.
  • AB 2150 – Mobile home parks.
  • AB 2160 – Insurance, retention risk.  Gives the Insurance Commissioner the ability to prohibit California insurance companies from counting unstable investments in the Iranian energy and military sectors as part of their capital-asset requirements.  The bill is consistent with and furthers the goals of the “Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act” signed by U.S. President Obama.
  • AB 2161 – Energy, renewable energy resources.
  • AB 2167 – Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency, financial matters.
  • AB 2169 – Property Acquisition Law, conservation easements.
  • AB 2171 – Public postsecondary education, community college, expulsion hearing.
  • AB 2174 – Fertilizer, reduction of use.
  • AB 2180 – Local health care districts, employment contracts.
  • AB 2181 – State government, prompt payment of claims.
  • AB 2184 – Alcoholic beverages, tied-house restrictions.
  • AB 2188 – Commercial motor vehicles, commercial driver’s license program, federal compliance.
  • AB 2189 – Vehicles, driver’s licenses.  Allows a car rental company to verify a renter’s identity by comparing the driver’s license photo to the driver renting the vehicle.
  • AB 2191 – Political Reform Act of 1974, county central committees.
  • AB 2193 – Long-term English learners.
  • AB 2194 – Corporations for prevention of cruelty to animals, humane officers, criminal history.
  • AB 2198 – Department of Veterans Affairs, reporting requirements.
  • AB 2201 – Elder California Pipeline Safety Act of 1981, civil penalties.
  • AB 2202 – Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children, State Council.
  • AB 2205 – Hazardous waste, ores and minerals, geothermal waste.
  • AB 2207 – Property taxation, welfare exemption, nature resources and open-space lands.


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