New California Laws for 2013 (Part 22)

Part 22 in our ongoing series highlighting the new California laws for 2013. This segment includes Criminal history, birth control, income taxes, family law, disabilities and more.

The California Legislature passed over 800 new laws for California residents and business and this series breaks downs those laws into digestible portions to help keep residents better informed. Readers can stop by and quickly scan a segment of new laws to learn what may impact them. Links to the legislature’s full text of each new law will be also be included.

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California’s New Laws for 2013 – Segment 22

  • AB 2327 – Charitable organizations, enforcement.
  • AB 2332 – Income taxes, deductions, disaster losses, County of Santa Cruz.
  • AB 2343 – Criminal history information.
  • AB 2348 – Health.  Access to birth Control.  California Birth Control Law.  Allows registered nurses statewide to start handing out drugs, including birth control, without a doctor’s signature and without the patient seeing a doctor. 
  • AB 2349 – Alcoholic beverages, tied-house restrictions, advertising.
  • AB 2354 – Travel insurance.
  • AB 2356 – Tissue donation.
  • AB 2357 – Inmates, temporary removal.
  • AB 2358 – California Ronald Reagan Statue Law.  Allows for the construction of a Ronald Reagan memorial statue at the California State Capitol in Sacramento at no cost to taxpayers.
  • AB 2363 – Commercial fishing, Dungeness crab.
  • AB 2364 – Civil procedure, attachment.
  • AB 2365 – Family law, child custody.
  • AB 2367 – School gardens, sale of produce.  Allows schools to sell produce from their school gardens as long as existing health and safety requirements are met.
  • AB 2368 – School security, security departments, school police departments.
  • AB 2370 – Mental retardation, change of term to “intellectual disabilities.”
  • AB 2371 – Veterans, criminal defendants, mental health issues and restorative relief.  Provides restorative relief to a veteran defendant who acquires a criminal record due to a mental disorder stemming from military service.
  • AB 2372 – Deposition transcripts, costs.
  • AB 2374 – Consumer credit reports, security freezes.

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