Pair Arrested in Caymus Park Murder Investigation

Two men are in custody this morning in connection with the shooting death of a man at a south Sacramento County park two days ago.

Anthony Roberson-Anders, 28, and Kevin Henry, 25, have been booked into the Kern County Jail on charges of murder, and are ineligible for bail. They are expected to be returned to Sacramento County sometime next week.

On August 14, 2013, Sheriff’s deputies responded to Caymus Park at Caymus Drive and Vintage Park drive, regarding a shooting. Upon arrival, they discovered the victim, Colen Lugo, 42, lying across the seat of a moving truck parked on the street. He had been shot in the upper body, and was pronounced deceased at the scene.

Investigation led to the identity of Roberson-Anders as a person responsible for the crime. He was arrested during a vehicle stop conducted by the Bakersfield Police Department in the early morning hours yesterday, August 15th. Roberson-Anders had an existing warrant for an unrelated incident. He was driving a vehicle that Sheriff’s Homicide detectives believe was used by the suspects during this fatal shooting.

Follow-up investigation led to the identity of Henry and his involvement in the incident, as well. Henry was arrested at approximately 2:30 a.m. today in Bakersfield. Sheriff’s Homicide detectives are working with law enforcement officials there and conducting follow-up investigation. Detectives believe that Roberson-Anders and Henry are the only people responsible for Lugo’s death, and are not seeking additional suspects in connection to this case.

Investigators believe that the shooting occurred during a marijuana transaction between the suspects and the victim, who are not known to have any pre-existing relationships between them prior to the incident. Booking photographs of both suspects will be released when they become available.