Prostitution Crackdown in Sacramento

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s North and South patrol Problem Oriented Policing teams continue to make an impact in ongoing complaints from the communities regarding illegal activity and acts of prostitution around the County. 

In August alone, the South area POP Officers conducted two (2) separate prostitution operations along the Stockton Boulevard corridor which resulted in twenty-nine (29) arrests for individuals engaging in the act of prostitution. 

The North area POP Officers conducted an Operation in August along the Watt Avenue corridor which resulted in nineteen (19) arrests; eight (8) for individuals loitering for prostitution, six (6) for individuals engaging in the act of prostitution and five (5) for related crimes involving drugs, paraphernalia or outstanding warrants. 

The Sheriff’s Problem Oriented Policing teams recognize that without the information from the communities regarding ongoing illegal behavior, they would not be able to begin to enforce permanent results to each issue.   We continue to ask the public to report crimes in progress through our Sheriff’s dispatch number of (916) 874-5115. Ongoing neighborhood issues can be reported by contacting their local POP Officers or reaching out to each patrol area commander on