Spare The Air Season Reminders

SACRAMENTO, Calif. –  May 1 marks the beginning of the Sacramento region’s 20th Spare The Air season. With vehicle emissions being the region’s primary source of summer smog, the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District (AQMD) and the air districts of the region want you to cut back on your driving this summer and plan ahead for what to do on a Spare The Air day because less driving equals less pollution.

 We know you have to get around, but take a few minutes to plan ahead for what you could do on a Spare The Air day to help improve air quality.

When you hear or see a Spare The Air alert, take action:

  • Cut back on driving – postpone at least one trip
  • Walk or ride a bike for morning trips because ozone pollution is lowest in the morning
  • Link your errands into one big trip. This reduces pollution by minimizing “cold starts.” A cold engine that’s been sitting for an hour or more pollutes up to five times more than a warm engine.
  • Work from home – get employer permission in advance, ask now
  • Share a ride with a friend or take public transit for one or more trips
  • Bring your lunch to work 

Driving less is the best way to reduce air pollution so take a few minutes now to plan for a Spare The Air day and help reduce pollution this summer. Even the smallest behavior changes can help the health of area residents while helping to improve the environment. 

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