Vocational High School Teachers Coming To Sacramento

Forty vocational high school teachers from around the country will come to Sacramento this weekend to learn the latest skills and trends in the automotive collision repair industry.

 The two-day training at the Sacramento campus of the Universal Technical Institute takes place today and Saturday. The training will allow high school teachers to learn how automotive technology fits into nationwide educational initiatives, focusing on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

 “More career opportunities are available to students with strong skills in STEM areas,” said Roger Speer, President of UTI-Sacramento campus. “That is why it is important to provide high school teachers with the education and tools they need to incorporate STEM education into their classroom curriculum, as we do in our programs.”

 Teachers will learn how to integrate STEM in their curriculum and ideas about how to bolster funding for their programs, including government support for STEM efforts.

 Jerry Ellner, national director of high school development for Universal Technical Institute and a board member for the National STEM Education Coalition, will lead several of the activities, including professional development instruction and helping teachers identify the embedded STEM education in their curriculum.

 With technology in the automotive industry changing so quickly, Universal Technical Institute’s 245,000 square-foot campus also will give high school vocational/technical teachers the chance for hands-on opportunities for learning about the latest teaching methods for collision repair.      

Visit www.uti.edu/campus-locations/sacramento for more information on the Universal Technical Institute campus in Sacramento.