Walking Sticks much more than a walking club

People assume that the Sacramento Walking Sticks is a club of people who all use walking sticks. Not! And if you think we’re all about speed-we’re not! We are a walking group that includes all types of people; all ages, shapes, ethnicity and we love having dogs join in the fun. We walk in all kinds of weather and we go just about anywhere to walk and we find all kinds of fun walking connections. For instance, last January 150 of us toured the Preston Castle in Ione but not before we did a 5K walk in Ione first. Later in the spring we went to Woodland, walked a 6K route and toured the Agriculture Museum there. We walk under the Full Moon and took numerous walks to view Christmas lights this past December. And we have a very successful Walking Book Club.

The premise of the Walking Book Club is simple-you have a month to read/listen to the selected book and then you have the option of walking a 5K (3.1 miles) route the Book Coordinator has selected; followed by the discussion. Anyone can join in on the walk, regardless if they’ve read the book or not. The Coordinator tries to connect the walk with the book in some way, shape or fashion.

Here are some examples:

Shanghai Girls – took ferry from Tiburon to Angel Island, toured Immigration Station, picnic lunch, walked
House of Mondavi –   walked in Calistoga & toured the Mondavi Winery after discussion
Walk in the Woods –  we walked around Lake Natoma & had picnic lunch w/discussion
Two Sloughs – walked in Locke & Walnut Grove

The Walking Book Club began October 2010 with the book “the Wildwater Walking Club” and took off from there. It’s generated a lot of discussions on many of our walks; especially from those not able to make the date of the discussion itself. Priscilla, the Book Club Coordinator, works hard to have a variety of titles and genres so that there’s a book for everyone on her list. She even has a mantra for everyone to read:
Everything You Need to Know About the Sacramento Walking Sticks Walking Book Club

  1. Everyone is welcome to join us for the walks and/or the book discussions even if you haven’t finished or even started the book or have no intention to ever read the book.
  2. The discussions are very informal, usually using discussion questions from the book or a website. No one is ever required to talk or participate and you are always welcome to just listen. Anyone can join in the discussion (even if you haven’t finished or started the book).
  3. The walks are almost always 5 K (3.1 miles)
  4. Walks are almost always on Sundays to avoid conflict with Saturday walks and to allow people who work to join us. The time varies with the season and walk location.
  5. Books selected will always be available through the Sacramento Public Library and online at Amazon.com and similar sites.
  6. The books selected almost always have some connection (however vague) to walking or to the history of the places where we walk. One book selection had no connection to either but the Author was a Volkssporter who joined us for the walk and the discussion!

Suggestions for books are always welcome! I’m always happy to answer any questions you may have. You may contact me, Priscilla Fife at 916.616.6003, prfife@gmail.com