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This event has either expired or has been removed.

Sacramento County News

New California Laws for 2015 (Part 27)New California laws for 2015 part 27 includes health coverage, pharmacies, notaries, school employees, electricity rates, Medi Cal juvenile inmates, writ of habeas corpus and more.

50 Days of the Dead: Scarlet Begonias/ Fire On the MountainThe Dead enjoyed a resurgence during the late 80's and early 90's and this 20 minute version of Scarlet Begonias/ Fire On Mountain at Copps Coliseum in Ontario is often cited as a fan favorite.

20 Year Old Arrested on Felony Sexual Assault ChargesThe female was identified as a 16 year old, and the male was identified as Trevon Davis, 20 of Sonora.

Replacing Your Water Heater About to Get More ExpensiveThe new U.S. Department of Energy efficiency mandates will require higher Energy Factor (EF) ratings on most all residential gas, electric, oil tank water heaters and tankless gas water heaters

50 Days of the Dead: AltheaThe band is tight and Jerry is on in this moving version of Althea from Essen, Germany- Rockpalast 1981.

New California Laws for 2015 (Part 26)New California laws for 2015 part 26 includes smartphones, health coverage, rape victims, prisoners DNA testing, cocaine, nonprofits, healing arts, student financial aid and more.

Toyota Camry Hybrid: Better than ever?Toyota decided to redesign the Camry a mere three years after its last major transformation. The 2015 redesign is very significant and gives Camry even more of an edge.

Father Trying to Build UnderstandingJoseph Hernandez of Auburn, Washington, knew before his son's birth that his son would have a birth defect, spina bifida. The only thing in doubt was whether Joseph would hang around.

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