iPads Helps Special Education Students in Sacramento

Sacramento, CA — The students of the Sierra School at Eastern will celebrated the one-year anniversary of the opening of the Walker Live Technology Room on Wednesday, January 22, 2014. The Sierra School is a special education, upper school that offers transitional services for life beyond school and for productive, fulfilling adulthoods. Students range in age from 16 – 21 years old.

One year ago Dr. Lou Vismara, father of a Sierra student who is actively involved with the autism community, chose the Sierra school as a testing ground to see how technology would support this population of students. He donated six iPads to the school. Happily the school has seen tremendous benefits.

The school is located at 1150 Eastern Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95864.

The iPad’s allow students to use specialized apps including: Proloquo, a language application; First and Then, a scheduling application; and Connect Dots, a math and fine motor skills application.

Sierra school director Janine Hughes said, “The iPads give students the ability to have fun while learning. It gives the teacher a quick resource to access academics and individualize curriculum. Technology is how the world works, so the idea for students to be able to access this consistently throughout their day enables them to be in pace with the world. It has been a huge resource for those students lacking in verbal communication skills and social skills and it has enhanced our ability to utilize to common core.”

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