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Motorcyclist hits pedestrian, charged with DUI

On June 14, 2011 at approximately 9:00 p.m., Charles Loper, a 19 year old from Orangevale, was walking, within a crosswalk, from the south to the north side of Madison Avenue at the intersection of Winding Oak Drive.  Norbert Ziemathis, a 47 year old from Folsom, was riding a black 2002 Harley Davidson motorcycle on westbound Madison Avenue approaching the intersection of Winding Oak Drive. 

As Loper crossed the intersection, he was carrying some property which he accidentally dropped into the westbound lanes.    When Loper realized he dropped the property, he stopped and turned around to retrieve it, then continued walking northbound, failing to realize that the traffic signal lights had cycled.  Ziemathis began to enter the intersection of Winding Oak Drive with a green traffic signal.  He suddenly observed Loper within the westbound lanes and didn't have time to apply the brakes of his motorcycle.  The right side of the motorcycle struck the right side of Loper which caused him to be thrown to the ground.  Ziemathis applied his brakes and pulled to the right shoulder.  Ziemathis was transported to Mercy San Juan Medical Hospital with a broken right arm.  Loper was transported to Mercy San Juan Medical Hospital with major injuries and listed in critical condition.  

 Ziemathis was arrested for DUI.  This collision is still under investigation.  If you witnessed this collision please contact the North Sacramento Area CHP office at (916) 338-6710.