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Suspect Arrested in Assault on Police Officer


On Friday, February 1, 2013, at approximately 4:05 p.m., officers responded to the area of Meadowview Road and Freeport Blvd when a parking enforcement officer radioed for emergency assistance after being physically assaulted.  A subject walking in the middle of the road punched the civilian city employee in the face through his open car window when asked to move off the roadway and out of traffic.

A Sacramento Police K9 officer was first to arrive as other officers were also quickly rushing to the scene to assist with the violent subject. 

As the K9 officer exited the patrol vehicle the assailant, Brian Debbs, 27, charged and violently swung his fist striking the police officer in the face.  Due to the suspect's extreme violence, the K9 was deployed and apprehended Debbs.

The K9 officer sustained complaint of pain and other minor injuries to the jaw and was treated and released from an area hospital.  The parking enforcement officer also complained of pain from being struck by Debbs but did not require medical treatment at the hospital. 

Suspect Debbs, pictured below, was booked into the Sacramento County Jail after being treated at a local hospital for injuries to his lower body from the K9 apprehension.  Debbs was believed to be under the influence of narcotics during the assaults which may have played a role in his violent actions.  Debbs was charged with multiple assault charges on an officer, violation of probation and resisting arrest.