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New California Laws for 2014 (Part 6)

Part 6 in an ongoing series highlighting the new California laws for 2014. This segment includes Cal Fresh, tribal gambling, pesticides, rabies, electricity, online ticket sales and more.

The California Legislature passes numerous laws each year for California residents and business and this series breaks downs those laws into digestible portions to help keep residents better informed. Readers can stop by and quickly scan a segment of new laws to learn what may impact them. Links to the legislature's full text of each new law will be also be included.

California's New Laws for 2014 - Part 6

  • AB 0270 Ch. 610 Public utilities: ratepayer-funded energy efficiency assistance.
  • AB 0272 Ch. 582 Rabies: vaccinations.
  • AB 0274 Ch. 733 Child care and development services.
  • AB 0277 Ch. 51 Tribal gaming: compact ratification.
  • AB 0279 Ch. 228 Financial affairs.
  • AB 0287 Ch. 229 Vietnam veterans' memorial: update.
  • AB 0290 Ch. 734 Child day care: childhood nutrition training.
  • AB 0297 Ch. 583 Primary care clinics.
  • AB 0304 Ch. 584 Pesticides: toxic air contaminant: control measures.
  • AB 0306 Ch. 96 Vehicles: motor carrier.
  • AB 0307 Ch. 291 Protective orders.
  • AB 0308 Ch. 496 School facilities: sale of surplus real property: return of state school facilities funding program funds.
  • AB 0309 Ch. 97 CalFresh: homeless youth.
  • AB 0312 Ch. 195 Local government: employees:firefighters.
  • AB 0324 Ch. 230 Glass beads: lead and arsenic.
  • AB 0325 Ch. 767 Land use and planning: cause of actions:time limitations.
  • AB 0327 Ch. 611 Electricity: natural gas: rates: net energy metering: California Renewables Portfolio Standard Program.
  • AB 0329 Ch. 325 Ticket sellers: equitable online ticket buying process: sale or use of circumventing software.
  • AB 0331 Ch. 98 Consolidation of elections.
  • AB 0339 Ch. 231 Sale of animals at swap meets.

(Laws marked with an * went into effect prior to 2014.)

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