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Drugs Suspected as Pedestrian Killed on El Camino Avenue

On February 9, 2014 at approximately 9:25 p.m., Alejandro Adams-Zuniga, a 20 year old from Sacramento County was walking on El Camino Avenue west of Morse Avenue and stopped in the two-way left hand turn lane.

Kyle Brennan, a 20 year old from Sacramento was driving a blue 2006 Dodge 2500 pickup on eastbound El Camino Avenue in the #1 lane at approximately 40 mph approaching the Morse Avenue.  Brennan turned his vehicle into the two-way left hand turn lane and failed to observe Adams-Zuniga standing in the roadway. Adams-Zuniga was struck by the Dodge and thrown into the #1 lane of westbound El Camino Avenue.  Andrew Delavergne, a 34 year old from Sacramento was driving a white 2012 Toyota Prius on westbound El Camino Avenue in the #1 lane approaching the location of where Adams-Zuniga was located.  Delavergne was unable to stop his vehicle prior to striking Adams- Zuniga.

Alejandro Adams-Zuniga sustained fatal injuries at the scene.  

Both Brennan and Delavergne were not injured in this collision.  At the time of the collision, the roadway was wet and it was raining.

Brennan was determined to be under the influence of drugs and was arrested at the scene.  He was booked into the Sacramento County Jail and charged with 23152(a) vc-DUI.  This collision is still under investigation.